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分類: CA磨料-YFCA1  發布時間: 2013-12-12 21:43 



Abrasive CA-YFCA1 Series Products


The abrasive CA-YFCA1 series products self-developed by Zhengzhou Yufa Abrasives Co., Ltd., are characterized by high hardness, high toughness, and high sharpness, and isn’t easy to burn workpieces . Compared with the common corundum abrasives, CA has the advantages of high abrasion and consumption rate, good shape remaining ability, high quality processing surface of workpieces, small trimming amount of abrasive disks, and high grinding efficiency. CA abrasive disks are suitable to grind aerospace alloys, chilled steels, tool steels, hard chromium and hard cast iron. Since the common SG abrasives in market are expensive,  Yufa developed our own’s CA abrasives with high quality but low cost   The most prominent advantage of our products is that they are accustomed to different kinds of binders, especially to high- temperature binders.




The abrasive CA-YFCA1 series products produced by Yufa are white in color (see the figure below), and the products indices are as follows.

化學成份: Chemical compositions: Al2O3 99%   Na2O0.45%  

SiO20.25%    Fe2O30.15%

粒度組成: 符合GB2477-2008標準

The particle size composition is in accordance of the specifications of GB2477-2008.

The attached image is the photo of abrasive CA-YFCA1 series